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    Know where your food comes from

    Most of the food we consume in Australia is not only being transported long distances to our plates but what goes into our food and who actually produces it is hidden from us.
    Eating locally can be beneficial to both the environment and your health, and in putting your dollars into supporting the local community and farmers directly.
    6 Big Reasons to Eat Local Food

    There are many benefits to eating locally made food. It means we spend our money in the community, benefiting our local producers and farmers rather than big corporations. Eating local food saves money on shipping costs and reduces emissions and food miles associated with our food.
    In Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers region, we’re so lucky. We have an abundance of artisan producers creating innovative and sustainable products. The Byron Bay businesses we support are real, hard-working people. They create artisan food that is clean, organic and tastes amazing.
    Santos Organics local product list

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    Help us to Relocalise Northern Rivers.  Producing and spending locally has a multiplier or ripple effect, as does sharing. Please share our website, Fb group & next event with a couple of your friends, businesses, organsations, investors & food growers/producers. Add your local business to our directory.

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