Relocalise Northern Rivers
We are building on the Sunday 7 May event (Enriching Byron’s Local Economy as part of the Localisation Weekend), where participants workshopped some tailored exercises lead by Michael Shuman. Specifically geared towards the economics of our local economy, we considered what we could collectively do to help strengthen, support, sustain and develop a more prosperous future for our region.
A Flourishing Food Economy

Prosperity includes food security, affordable housing, localised energy sources, diversity in health and education options and building longer term local regional inter-dependence. At the end of our localisation workshop, participants decided to keep the discussion going through weekly online meetings and monthly in person gatherings, which have been happening.

Why Relocalise? 

Once upon a time, this region had a very localised economy, having grown much of the food we consumed here. The region was dotted with farms and small businesses that provided food and employment for the population.  It wasn't all perfect, but this region used to have far greater independence from the global trading economy than we do now.

We also want to relocalise our community.  As times get tougher and job opportunities harder to come by, we're needing community cohesion and collaboration now more than ever.  Together we can make all sorts of dreams come to life.

Meeting the Challenges

We have discussed many of the challenges our local economy faces. Our burgeoning group aims to clearly articulate our overarching charter for building a thriving economy for the region. We envisage the charter as the central hub of a series of spokes or features of a local economy, e.g., food security, affordable housing, energy security, transport, business investment, health & wellbeing & business mentoring.

We'd love your help with envisioning & realising our goals.
So join us at our next gathering!

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Supporting locally-made products helps keep your money in our communities and supports local industries.
Local businesses recirculate money into their local economies at higher rates than other businesses!
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Localising Our Food Systems & Local strategies For Housing
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Public Launch Event

Date to be decided: 1st qtr 2024
The Farm, Ewingsdale

We will be launching officially - back at The Farm again, where this project got its start. Our thanks to the Farm for their support in helping this group grow.

We'll be sharing more about this event soon, but we're keen to make it a splash and bring together local food suppliers and investors interested in relocalisation.

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